Monday, 4 July 2016

Excuses, excuses (including some good ones)

There was no regular blog on Friday last week. This was partly because I was in Wales.

No phone. No internet. No TV. Bliss!
Partly, though, it was that last week I did post a blog on my publisher's website. Last week was the anniversary of the first of two massacres at Cawnpore in 1857. My novel Cawnpore is set around the events that led to these massacres, so a blog marking the historical facts seemed worth writing. You can read it at

Last week was also disrupted with the aftermath of a visit by a kestrel that turned up half-starved literally on our door-step. It was a house-guest for four days before it was strong enough to be released. It turns out that birds of prey are not ideally suited to living indoors and cleaning up the mess took a while. 

I took some video of her getting the strength back in her wing (the left one seems to have been damaged but not broken). I had to encourage her to flutter round the room until I was confident she could cope outside. I wasn't sure how I'd know, but, when the time came, it was suddenly clear that she was ready. Unfortunately for my future as a wildlife film maker, getting the pictures was entirely secondary to looking after the bird, but, if you want to see what it's like keeping a kestrel as a house-pet, there is video at In the last frame you can just see her vanishing off back to her normal life.

So not a lot on my blog here, but enough to be going on with elsewhere, I hope.
* * * * *

Cawnpore is the second book about John Williamson. The third, Back Home, was published in April and has been getting amazing on-line reviews  (like THIS ONE and THIS ONE). Both of these books (and the first in the series, The White Rajah) are available on Amazon. For more details visit

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