Friday, 29 July 2016

Blowing my own trumpet

Every so often I mention coyly that I've had some rather good reviews. Then I go on to talk about 19th century history or someone else's books, or the fun I had doing something vaguely historical at the weekend. (Staying at a 15th century castle, as you ask. And, yes, it was very nice, thank you.)

Herstmonceaux Castle

This week I'm going to go all un-British and quote some of the lovely reviews I've been getting.

My latest book, Back Home, was published in April and reviewed (twice) by Rosie Amber's Book Reviews. Terry Tyler wrote: "I enjoyed every word of this novel. It's so cleverly written, with low-key humour in parts, the research used subtly and inobtrusively." Judith Barrow said: "I loved everything about Back Home and have no hesitation in recommending this book."

Back Home has had nine 5* reviews on Amazon (seven on and two more on More reviews would be nice (hint, hint) but I'm delighted that the people who've read it have been so positive.

Terry Tyler has also reviewed Cawnpore (twelve reviews on, ten of them 5*). She said the book was "all that historical fiction should be: absorbing, believable and educational." The Historical Novel Society wrote: "For anyone who has a love for this period, Cawnpore is probably one for you."

The White Rajah, although averaging 4.2 stars on, has the most amazing review I have seen from a blog that I would never have read if it were not for the wonders of Google:
It's ages since I've started reading a book and then been 100% annoyed at the world that it won't let me just sit there and finish it all in one go, but The White Rajah by Tom Williams has totally been that book! 

OK, I'll stop. I'll leave the reviews of the books about James Burke ("James Bond in breeches" - Paul Collard) for another week. And I apologise if this shameless self-promotion irritates. In the end, though, if I don't tell you how good people think my books are, you won't buy them. And if you don't buy them, I can't really justify writing this blog every week.

Reviews are so important. Terry Tyler (yes, the same one) is trying to get everybody to write just one Amazon review in August so that some less well-known authors get the chance to be seen. She explains it all on her own blog. (Click HERE.) I'd love for you to review one of mine, but it's more important just that you review any book by an author published by one of the smaller publishers (or self-published). These writers rely on reviews to get noticed. Please help by reviewing. (Telling all your friends how much you enjoyed a book makes a big difference too.)

Thanks for reading. Now let's get back to the weekend and enjoying the grounds of Herstmonceaux Castle.

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