Tuesday, 12 April 2016

'Back Home': just buy it!

I'm in the middle of a blog tour at the moment, popping up on blogs all over the place with all sorts of interesting (I hope!) posts about the world of ‘Back Home’. But – being British don’tcha know – I'm perhaps missing one crucial point, which is that it really would be the most awfully good idea if you buy it.

Here’s why.

‘Back Home’ is a thrilling story of crime and politics set in the world of 1859 London. It was a lot more like London today than you might think, so this won’t just be a surprisingly well-researched peek into the past, but it might also make you think a bit about the present. After all, we all believe in Victorian values these days – or do we?

If you want to know more about the book, have a look at my blog or read some of the posts on the blog tour.

You can buy ‘Back Home’ in paperback or on Kindle (or via a range of other electronic devices). It comes out next week, but it’s already available to pre-order. It’s £9.99 in paperback or just £2.82 on Kindle. (You can buy it in the US too – $3.99 on Kindle.)

Use the link below to take you to Amazon, or go to Accent Press at https://www.accentpress.co.uk/back-home.

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