Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Historical Novel Society reviews 'Cawnpore'

I'm back in London and excited about the news I promised.

Cawnpore has been reviewed by the Historical Novel Society and got four stars. It's not up on Amazon yet, but it should be there any moment now. I saw the review a while ago, but I only just had the star rating confirmed. I know star ratings shouldn't be important (see my note here), but I also know that, in practice, they are – so I've waited until I had the confirmation before I posted this.

As I keep saying, reviews are terribly important to people who are published by small publishers like JMS Books, and a review by the Historical Novel Society is especially important because the Historical Novel Society make a thing of only reviewing 'proper' historical novels. Just getting a review from them means a lot.

This doesn't mean I don't need reviews from YOU. If you have read either The White Rajah or Cawnpore, PLEASE put a review on Amazon. Reviews are the reason why you have heard of 50 Shades of Grey but not any of the many (probably rather better) similar self-published works on Amazon. Yes, it really does make that much difference.