Thursday, 8 May 2014


Today is the official publication date of His Majesty's Confidential Agent. You've been able to get it on Kindle for about a week, but just last night a box full of beautifully printed copies arrived in my home. Most of my reading nowadays is on Kindle, but there's still nothing quite like the look and feel of a novel you've worked on, finally there as a real publication.

Accent Press are running a promotional price on some of their books at the moment, including mine. So to buy it on Kindle costs just 77p. Yes, you can buy the product of my sweat and tears for pocket change. Here's the link:

The paper version is rather pricier. Its £12.51 price tag reflects the fact that comes in at a hefty 325 pages,so not quite an airport read but a fair number of words for your money. You can buy it HERE.

Both versions should already be available in the US.

77p. Just buy it.


  1. I want to buy it, but seem to be having issues - perhaps an AmazonUK/AmazonUS issue. Will keep trying, though. And CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

  2. Thank you. If you are still having problems today, please let me know what is happening and I will ask Accent to look at it. My blog has more readers in the US than in the UK, so I want to make sure that the book is available both sides of the Atlantic.