Tuesday, 7 January 2014

2013: a year in blog posts

I try to blog here about once a week. 2013 saw 58 posts, so I seem to be more or less on target. I am sceptical of Google's analytics, but they do give me a rough idea of what gets read and what does not. So here, for those of you who may have missed them, are the top blog posts of 2013. They're an odd collection. (Click the headings for the full stories.)

Looking at the post on the war in Borneo, I'm still astonished that if you wanted to read about this in the Western media, my blog seems to have been your best source of information. I guess this might explain why quite a few people read it. It still seems strange to me that you can have a war (even a small one) and be utterly ignored by the press in the UK.

I'm a huge fan of Argentine tango and I indulged myself by writing about dancing in Buenos Aires. To my astonishment, posts about the dance halls of Argentina have been some of the most popular I've written. My next book (stay tuned for details) is set in Argentina. There's no tango in it, but I hope people will still share my fascination with that country.

In Cawnpore John Williamson, the narrator, disguises himself as an Indian. Several people have said this is not credible. This blog post discusses true life cases where this happened. I was pleased that so many people seemed interested in it.

About 230 apparently.

There are plans afoot to make a film of The White Rajah. Not, sadly, based on my novel. Anything that raises interest in James Brooke has to be a good thing, though. And, judging from the number of people reading this post, films generate a lot of interest.

So that was 2013 as seen through my blog posts. I'll try to keep posting on a range of subjects more or less related to my books. Let me know if there's anything in particular you'd like to read about.

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