Monday, 20 May 2013

More fun with Goodreads

Besides offering a place to read and post book reviews, Goodreads also allows people to make lists of books. Some are rather idiodsyncratic. Cawnpore, for example, appears on a list of  ‘M/M Romance With (Mostly) Yellow or Orange Covers’. Usually, though, books are grouped by subject matter. So there’s a list of ‘Excellent Books about India and England’. Happily for me, someone has added Cawnpore to that list. Once a book is on a list (and any Goodreads member can add one), its position is determined in part by the number of people voting for it. Cawnpore has a high star rating and so, with just three votes, it’s lying at #38 of 129 books. Just a few more votes would make a big difference and, I must admit, if I could make the Top Ten of ‘Excellent Books about India and England’, it would give me a deal of satisfaction, even if it’s just a bit of fun. Can you help me out here? The list is at

Other lists featuring The White Rajah and Cawnpore includeHistorical FictionFeaturing Real People’ and ‘India’.

If you are a member of Goodreads, please visit these pages, find Cawnpore or The White Rajah and click on ‘vote for this book’. It will only take a minute and it will help to get my books seen. Thank you.

If you’re not in Goodreads, I do recommend it. It’s free to join and the quality of reviews is, I think, better than you find on Amazon. There’s quite a few giveaways and stuff too.

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  1. One day after posting this and 'Cawnpore' is now #29 of the 'Excellent Books About India'. I'm enjoying this! Thank you to those who voted. Can a few more people join in? Every vote makes quite a big difference.