Friday, 14 April 2017

A free story for you

It's my birthday so I'm not writing a new blog today, but I am recycling one from back in the day when the blog reached fewer readers. Not many people saw this first time round and I think it deserves a better audience so here it is again: my birthday present to you.

Somebody set a challenge to tell a complete short story in 150 words. This was mine. Enjoy

I've always lived in the village, but my brother went for a soldier and fought in Boney's wars. He came back on leave and told me how he'd fought the French in India, where there were brown men who fought on elephants. And then he told me how he'd fought in Africa, where there were black men who fought with spears. Then he went to South America and fought the Spanish and stole their silver. But then he came back and fought the French up and down all the countries of Europe until they were caught at Waterloo, and then my brother came home.
"There's not a lot changed," he said.
"Not a lot," said I. "We drive the cattle for sale in Taunton now. We get a better price there."
"Taunton," he said. "I don't know I likes the sound of that. That's a terrible long way to travel."

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Thank you.

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