Saturday, 19 March 2016


I'm sorry to have missed my usual Friday blog post. I've been away on holiday. I was going to post a photo and ask you to guess where, as I was feeling happy and light-hearted, having had a lovely few days exploring a wonderful city. Then, only an hour after getting home, came the news of the bombing in Istanbul.

I was on that street Wednesday and Thursday evenings. It was full of people strolling and shopping and eating in the amazing restaurants. Only the water cannon parked up in Taksim Square and the coaches of armed police with riot shields suggested that there are dark undercurrents in Turkey.

Now, I think, isn't the time for me to pronounce on the political situation there. (We were there six days and I don't speak Turkish, so what do I know?) But it's probably not the moment for me to be sharing my holiday snaps either.

Enjoy your weekend. I'll try to post something next week.

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  1. I've been grateful you've posted a couple of times so we all know that y'all are safe. Istanbul is one of those cities that is so intriguing in itself, but now I wish it were possible to go for research. (That's my story: research!)