Thursday, 6 November 2014

It seems it's that time of year already...

With Xmas on the way (aaargghhhh!) I'm already beginning to see posts on Facebook calling on people to support local retailers rather than large chains. In a similar vein, could I ask that you support writers who are published by independent publishers rather than those from mainstream publishers? Dan Brown doesn't need a bigger audience, but some books from independent publishers struggle to be seen in the mass of pre-Christmas book marketing.

I was thinking of posting here with a list of possible 'independently published books for Christmas' but it seems a bit on the early side. When would you like to see this?


  1. Strictly speaking it is on the early side. Having said that, books call for more reflection - 'thinking time' - than socks or chocolate so posting a list in mid-to-late November may not be such a bad idea.

  2. I agree. Mid-November it is then.