Monday, 7 July 2014

Review sites

Someone has just said that they'd like to review my book, but want to know a good site. Here's two:

(1) Amazon. Go to the book's page on Amazon (in the uk it's Scroll down to 'Customer Reviews'. Click the button to say you want to write a review. You can only write a review if you're registered with Amazon, but if you have ever bought anything from them, you are. When you've written it, click the button saying you want to read over what you've written and then click the button to publish it. Done!
(2) Goodreads. You have to be registered to post on Goodreads, but it's a nice site and it's free. 'His Majesty's Confidential Agent' is at Immediately below the details of the book is a section headed 'My Review' Click on the green text that says 'Add a review'. You can use the same text as for Amazon if you want.

Reviews make a big difference to books that have limited marketing budgets behind them, so if you did like 'His Majesty's Confidential Agent', please let people know. Remember that you don't need to write a long review. Just a couple of lines saying what you thought of the book will help.

Many thanks.

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