Friday, 19 August 2011

'The Bloomsbury Review' revisited

Sorry for going on about this but it's a huge deal for me. Apparently 'The Bloomsbury Review' claims a circulation of 50,000 - 10,000 paid and the rest given away in book shops. They reckon a total of 125,000 people see each issue and these are, practically by definition, the sort of people who buy books. TBR concentrates on books from smaller publishers that would not otherwise get reviewed, which gets a big thumbs up from me, but it is selective in its reviews so getting covered by them says I am being taken seriously as a writer. TBR is widely respected in the USA with best-selling author Tony Hillerman describing it as “the best book magazine in America.”

What did they say? Well, it's a reasonably chunky review and I think there's copyright in that but I obviously wouldn't be getting this excited if they didn't like it. My favourite line is, "An interesting tale, well told."

Is it helping sales? It's too early to say but I hope it does. Amazon sales don't seem to account for many of the copies my publisher says are sold but the indications are that they might be going up a bit. So fingers crossed for next quarter's figures.

If you are in the USA and know someone who runs a bookstore, you can getup to 100 copies of your first issue of The Bloomsbury Review free. After that, you pay for the shipping and handling of the issues—the issues themselves are free. The review you need to highlight starts on page 11 of the current issue.

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