Tuesday, 1 April 2014

New publisher: new approach

"His Majesty's Confidential Agent" marks a significant departure for me. New publisher: new style of book.

I hope that at least some of you reading this blog have read "The White Rajah" or "Cawnpore". If so, you will know that these are quite heavy books which could hardly be described as having happy endings. They've had some excellent reviews, but the style and subject matter meant that they were never going to have massive sales. Much as I enjoy writing angst-ridden novels about betrayal, despair and death, I couldn't help feeling that it would be nice to write a book that more people would read. Hence "His Majesty's Confidential Agent".

My hero is James Burke. I know the name is similar to one I've used already, but he was a real person, so I'm stuck with it. He started his military career in the French army, but moved to the British, where he distinguished himself as a spy. He worked in Buenos Aires ahead of the British invasion of 1806.  My story ranges across Haiti, Spain, Brazil and Chile, but most of it is set in what is now Argentina. I have a wholly unreasoning love of Buenos Aires and I was excited about the idea of setting a novel there.

James Burke's story reflects my feelings about Buenos Aires. It's exciting, sexy, morally ambiguous and has some very dark undercurrents but it is, above all, great fun.

If you have read my other books and thought that it would be nice to see a historical novel of mine that doesn't end in tears, "His Majesty's Confidential Agent" is the one for you.

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  1. Wishing you the best with it, also, congratulations on the new publisher. Very exciting!