Monday, 2 March 2015

Waterloo Countdown - 108 Days

I've counted on my fingers and checked again on my toes and I hope I've added it up right. We should be 108 days from the anniversary of Waterloo.

200 years ago today, Napoleon was back on French soil. His little fleet avoided capture by French naval patrols and outran the embarrassed Col Campbell, who set off in pursuit as soon as he realised his prisoner had given him the slip.

Napoleon landed near Antibes on March 1, 1815. He had, as the Bonapartists had always believed, returned to France as the violets bloomed in the spring. The events that led to Waterloo were under way.

This seems a good day to reveal the cover of 'Burke at Waterloo'. Our hero starts the book spying in Paris, but, as the Napoleonic Wars move toward the climactic battle, Burke is swept north and finds himself playing his own vital role on the fields of Belgium. The cover shows the charge of the Scots Greys at Waterloo. The background is a plan of the battle.

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